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Jenna Davis

I have a passion for storytelling and love creating a variety of content for a wide range of audiences. Once, I frolicked on the beach with about 30 miniature horses. I bring it up every chance I get.

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Donor Retention Strategies: Six Tips to Encourage Recurring Giving

While starting a fundraiser can take less than five minutes, the most important work happens after you’ve launched your fundraiser….

|7 min read

Fundraising Strategy

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These Valuable Facebook Fundraising Tips Can Boost Donations

Using Facebook to spread the word about your fundraiser is one of the most effective fundraising strategies out there. Whether…

|8 min read

Fundraiser Promotion

Use These Fundraising Email Templates to Reach Your Goal

Asking for help of any kind requires courage and vulnerability and seeking financial help can be particularly challenging. Thankfully, a…

|10 min read

Fundraising Strategy

a service dog in training

How Service Dog Fundraising Can Unlock Your Independence

Canines have long held the title as man’s best friend. They’re lovable and loyal and they can provide the gift…

|7 min read


The Best Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Are you looking for the best ways to raise money for charity? Crowdfunding has become an essential fundraising tool, especially…

|7 min read

Fundraising Strategy

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Medical Crowdfunding Guide

Your health is your wealth – but what happens when preserving it costs you a small fortune? According to the…

|5 min read

Fundraising Strategy

Here’s What You Can Do to Get Financial Help for Veterans

Veterans are our family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours. With more than 22 million veterans in the US, you may…

|6 min read

Financial Assistance

Crowdfunding Student Loan Debt: How to Pay Back Loans Faster

In recent years, more and more students have turned to crowdfunding to offset the cost of university study. We’ve seen…

|7 min read


Which Fundraising Site Has the Lowest Fees?

Are you trying to work out which crowdfunding platform is best for you? Just like choosing a bank or a…

|2 min read

Fundraising Strategy

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