Free and Easy Fundraising Ideas

Make your fundraiser stand out from the rest with unique fundraising ideas. Here’s your guide to tried-and-tested ideas that breaks down how to get donors’ attention, inspire donations and boost social shares in your community.

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Fundraising essentials

Set up your fundraiser

Add your fundraising goal, photos, videos and a detailed fundraiser story.

Increase awareness and build your community

Share your fundraiser via our integrated links to your Facebook, Twitter and email accounts.

Keep it current with fundraiser updates

Write several updates, add new photos and send thank you notes to your donors.

First time crowdfunding?

Learn how to be successful with our best practices

Fundraising strategy ideas

  • Set up your fundraiser

    This is your chance to tell a unique story. Make it stand out by choosing a memorable and descriptive name, add high-quality photos and offer a heartfelt description of your financial needs.

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  • Connect with images and video

    A visual resource is a powerful thing. Fundraisers with compelling visuals raise more money than those without. Add high-quality photos and videos to your fundraiser page to help potential donors connect with – and share – your cause with the world.

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    2. How to Make a Fundraising Video that Attracts Donors
  • Raise awareness and build community

    Build a strong fundraising community to draw people to your fundraiser. Have a look at our tried-and-tested ideas for building support for your cause.

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  • Contact media

    Getting your fundraiser featured in the news is a surefire way to get your story out into the world. And it isn’t as hard as you might think… Check out these great ideas for shining a spotlight on your fundraiser.

    1. How to write a crowdfunding press release
    2. How to get local media to cover your fundraiser
  • Use social media

    Social media is one of your most important fundraising tools. Use your social networks to spread awareness among family, friends and even strangers to reach as many potential donors as you can.

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Free fundraising tips

Easy ways to maximise donations to your fundraiser.