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Meet Austen

When 9-year-old Austen found out that it was difficult for his dad to get a job he couldn’t understand why.... Read more

Meet Stephen

By day, you would find Stephen working 15-hour days to get by. But by night, he would be rapping in local music venues, telling stories of life at the coalface of the gritty northern city he calls home. Read more

Meet Patrick

Patrick started a petition to give Windrush generation citizens amnesty, and force the government to apologise to them. While hundreds of thousands of people signed, it wasn’t enough. They needed money to fight back. That’s where GoFundMe came in. Read more

Meet Roy

When I think about it, it is shocking. I think ‘OMG, I grew up in a council estate and I got into Oxford.’ Read more

Meet James

'I had one woman who was quoted £3,000 for a boiler, two days later we gave her one for free. She told me that her husband fought in Normandy but never came home. That just made me break down in tears' Read more

Meet Ellis

"I think people don’t really understand people not getting Christmas cards is a symptom of a much larger rejection. It’s not the Christmas cards, it’s that their family doesn’t love and support them anymore." Read more

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