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London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Fight for your right to stop Brexit and do what’s Best for Britain! We live in a democracy, and the right to freedom of speech is precious. The Telegraph, their hired gun Nick Timothy - the former aide to Theresa May who botched the 2017 general election - and others don't seem to agree and we'v...
Last donation 1mo ago
$221,745 raised of $220,000
$221,745 raised
Coatbridge, Scotland, United Kingdom
On the 23rd of April 2018 I was sentenced to an £800 fine after being found guilty of being "grossly offensive" under section 127 of the Offensive Communications Act 2003. Due to me creating a clearly comedic video where I trained my girlfriends pug to be a Nazi. The only way for the court to se...
Last donation 13h ago
$193,200 raised of $100,000
$193,200 raised
Donate today, help make sure no-one needs to sleep rough in London. We’ve all seen people sleeping rough near where we live and work. During the past year, around 8,000 people were seen sleeping out on London’s streets Rough sleeping is dangerous and devastating: - the average age of death for...
Last donation 23h ago
$174,213 raised of $100,000
$174,213 raised
Crowthorne, South East England, United Kingdom
I never thought I'd be writing this. I never thought I'd be crowd-funding for cancer drugs. Perhaps it’s a cliché, but you never think you'll be the one to get cancer. You assume that if you do, surely the drugs you need will be available. You never think that the thing that could save you could...
Last donation 1d ago
$153,979 raised of $150,000
$153,979 raised
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Assalamu alaykum everyone.Myself and my wife (Umm Abdullah) are travelling out to spend this coming Eid of 2017 with the Rohingya refugees of Burma to hear some of their stories  and start chariatable projects to help improve their lives. We started this page so you can all have the chance to be...
Last donation 10mos ago
$210,923 raised of $500,000
$210,923 raised
Chatham, South East England, United Kingdom
MY NAME IS DONNA ANDREWS AND I AM JAYDEN POWELLS AUNTIE!  Our Story -  JANUARY 2017  Some would say january is the best month of the year but for our family it was the start of the worst nightmare we have all ever had to face!  Jayden my 16 year old at the time nephew fell ill!   weeks of excru...
Last donation 1h ago
$199,909 raised of $400,000
$199,909 raised
Preston, United Kingdom
#thumbsupforcharlie Please help and support us in raising money to pay for life saving cancer treatment for our beautiful, blue eyed boy, Charlie. #thumbsupforcharlie Charlie was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour (Ependymoma stage 2) on 9th June 2018, aged just 2 years old. He has endured a nu...
Last donation 5h ago
$125,360 raised of $100,000
$125,360 raised
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
The figures are staggering. Half of all women have experienced sexual harassment at work.* Nearly one in five women has suffered sexual assault.** We are not talking about a few bad apples. We are waking up to the full scale of systemic abuse based on gender and power - abuse that hurts us all. L...
Last donation 2h ago
$1.7M raised of $2.0M
$1,701,894 raised
Unstone, East Midlands, United Kingdom
This is a fundraising page to try and help the bravest man I know my brother Stefan!  Stefan 29 and a firefighter of 10 years has been batteling with a brain tumour which is known as a diffused pontine glioma also known as DIPG which is inoperable as it is in his brain stem! Stefan has battled th...
Last donation 2w ago
$120,051 raised of $250,000
$120,051 raised
Bishop Sutton, South West England, United Kingdom
Please help us save Porge #poundsforporge As you may or may not know, Georgia (Porge) Bryant has been fighting a battle against Leukaemia for the last 7 months. During her fight she has endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplant in an attempt to rid her o...
Last donation 1d ago
$139,138 raised of $150,000
$139,138 raised
Stamford, East Midlands, United Kingdom
Ben Tylecote is our wonderful, kind hearted, intelligent 13 year old boy. He loves sport and desperately wants to go back to school. Ben has a very rare cancerous tumour growing behind his right eye. This week, the NHS told us that they could not fund the £100,000 needed for an operation schedule...
Last donation 6mos ago
$110,123 raised of $100,000
$110,123 raised
Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I met the most wonderful woman 10 years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. She is my wife now having got married in 2016. We were planning a long happy future together but unfortunately life had other plans.  On our wedding day. Tracey...
Last donation 4d ago
$108,014 raised of $70,000
$108,014 raised
Warrington, North West England, United Kingdom
PLEASE FOLLOW 'KIRSTY'S FIGHT' ON FACEBOOK #SAVEKIRSTYMAC *UPDATE FOLLOWING OVERWHELMING RESPONSE* Heidlberg University Hospital in Germany which offers Ion Beam Therapy Treatment  which closes gaps in treatment options for patients suffering from previously untreatable tumors. Kirsty is going...
Last donation 1h ago
$18,235 raised of $40,000
$18,235 raised
Burnley, North West England, United Kingdom
So on the 23rd may 2018 16:23 exact ... Wednesday evening and my family have been thrown into a world of despair... I have been diagnosed with a glioblastoma cancer which is a brain tumour, this wasn’t something any of us ever expected, and certainly didn’t feel like we would ever be in thi...
Last donation 3h ago
$7,232 raised of $20,000
$7,232 raised
Burbage, ENG
Isla Tansey was born on 1st May 2011 despite aspirating on meconium during birth and becoming very poorly very quickly she pulled through. Doctors then discovered Isla had holes in her heart. Isla proved to be a tough little cookie, recovering and growing to be a fit, active, clever, funny , cari...
Last donation 14h ago
$10,355 raised of $10,000
$10,355 raised
Brighton Health Care NHS Trust, South East England, United Kingdom
Please help us raise money for our dear colleague Cristina who sadly passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest at home. The only support Cristina has in this country is her 20 year old daughter Marcia’ who found Cristina when this happened and she needs further support from her family all of w...
Last donation 51m ago
$5,404 raised of $8,000
$5,404 raised
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Quedgeley, South West England, United Kingdom
Our brother Lamin Camara know as LC passed away in Gloucester on Friday 13th July. We are kindly asking for donation to send Lamin’s body to The Gambia, to his family for burial which will cost £3000.
Last donation 15h ago
$3,063 raised of $3,000
$3,063 raised
Hengoed, Wales, United Kingdom
Young 21 year old dies as passenger in a car accident all proceeds will help his family in funeral costs in this devastating time thanks to all who help xx God bless brad xx
Last donation 2h ago
$730 raised of $1,000
$730 raised
Bridlington, ENG
Hi all as most lf you know sadly Natasha passed away today at 15.23 she grew her wings and flew, natasha had cornelia de lange syndrome and has been in hospital fighting so hard, this has resulted in her sister and dad loosing there jobs and as you can imagine the cost of the funeral is not cheap...
Last donation 1h ago
$1,388 raised of $5,000
$1,388 raised
Wells, South West England, United Kingdom
I'm raising money for my dear friend Tom. Myself and some close friends of Tom are helping his family raise money towards his funeral  so he can have the send off he deserves.Any donations would be greatly appreciated. He was loved so much and will be greatly missed.Tom is on the right of this pi...
Last donation 1h ago
$1,970 raised of $2,000
$1,970 raised
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Sticklepath, South West England, United Kingdom
Luke was on holiday in Bali and only two days before flying home he was involved in a motor bike accident resulting in severe head injuries. He needs to undergo surgery with a Neurosurgeon and Maxillofacial surgeon. Unfortunately he has no insurance and therefore we are appealing for any help tow...
Last donation 15h ago
$23,272 raised of $30,000
$23,272 raised
Harlow, East of England, United Kingdom
We are the family of Abbie Sontag, the most positive beam of light to cross anyone’s path and anyone who has the privilege of knowing her will agree.  Abbie and her Lovely partner Pete had only been in Thailand for a couple of days before the accident happened. They were travelling from Phuket...
Last donation 1mo ago
$44,700 raised of $45,000
$44,700 raised
Enfield, ENG
Paul is a 72yr old man originally from Dublin but has lived in London for many years with his wife Maire.  Paul laid his wife to rest in July 2018 and three days later a fire took all he owned. He really has lost everything. His wife and his home. With just two bags of belongings and his wife's...
Last donation 1h ago
$4,263 raised of $10,000
$4,263 raised
Mylor, South West England, United Kingdom
We are 2 touring band's from the UK and USA (monolithian and snow burial) our van has a broken part which is expensive and difficult to get hold off and we are stuck in the Czech republic untill we figure out how to get this fixed. Any help to cover these costs are greatly appreciated.
Last donation 2mos ago
$625 raised of $700
$625 raised
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Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber, United Kingdom
This page has been set up to raise money for CGL Leeds Street Outreach Service who provide a free outreach service to people who are rough sleeping, at risk of homelessness or begging in Leeds. They help people who rough sleep or beg to move away from the streets and access appropriate support s...
Last donation 6mos ago
$893 raised of $1,000
$893 raised
Newton Leys, South East England, United Kingdom
Last donation 1mo ago
$5,210 raised of $2,000
$5,210 raised
Walton, North West England, United Kingdom
Animal Aid Charity is a safe secure place where so many cats and Kittens are welcomed with compassion , love and care. Many are homeless , abandoned or abused but we offer them security, comfort and warmth, good food and the chance of finding new loving homes.   We currently rent our building but...
Last donation 3d ago
$19,836 raised of $28,000
$19,836 raised
(Türkçe metin aşağıdadır.) PLEASE DO NOT DONATE MORE THAN £2,000 TO THIS CAMPAIGN. IF YOU'D LIKE TO MAKE A DONATION ABOVE THIS AMOUNT PLEASE CONTACT US.  We are raising money to launch a judicial review challenge against the Home Office’s unfair and retrospectively effective changes to the Immi...
Last donation 4m ago
$24,090 raised of $100,000
$24,090 raised
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Golborne, North West England, United Kingdom
As most of you are aware over the weekend the field next to school was used for travelers to take residence.  They gained entrance in to school grounds by forcing the metal fence open.  Unfortunately for us, KS1 area and garden has been damaged. We the school and PTA have put an appeal out for do...
Last donation 1w ago
$360 raised of $200
$360 raised
So, our wonderful lecturer, Dr. Tim Marangon has agreed with us that if we are able to raise £100 for charity then he will dress up as Santa Claus for the last lecture of the semester. This deal is made better by the fact if we raise £150 as a class, he will dress up in an outfit that Sam Rendle...
Last donation 7mos ago
$541 raised of $350
$541 raised
Woolwich, ENG
I'm a primary teacher working across different mainstream schools to support children with social, emotional or mental health needs, this photo shows what's in my bag... Those picture books? They're all about fear, depression, loss or anger. The cuddly toy IS cuddly but more importantly, its zi...
Last donation 1d ago
$1,264 raised of $4,050
$1,264 raised
Broadstone, South West England, United Kingdom
We completed a triathlon consisting of 3 km of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 20 km of running between us on Monday 16th July. Along with many other fundraising events such as bag packing and bake sales. We are a group of year 11s completing our NCS community project stage.  The charity we have...
Last donation 23m ago
$1,314 raised of $1,000
$1,314 raised
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