Project: MJOLNIR - Help Installation00 build it!

Hey everyone, welcome back to Installation00 and today, I'm about to get serious about MJOLNIR and whether it can be built, and I'm gonna need your help. So this is the short version...

I am formally announcing, I am building a real life version of MJOLNIR. While it will lack some of the more Sci-Fi components, like the Energy Shielding, and the Micro Nuclear Fusion Power Plant, it will be a fully functional Powered Exoskeleton, that will look aesthetically similar to MJOLNIR. But I'm going to need your help.

I am humbly asking for your assistance in achieving this goal. I am asking you to consider donating to build a real life working version of MJOLNIR. The total needed is £149,895 which will get things moving and open up various means of generating additional income to fully fund the Project. What I'm really excited about, is how building a suit of MJOLNIR can result in the technology contained within it back feeding to products that could be available to purchase by you. If you've ever wanted HUD glasses, we can make that happen together. If you've ever wanted a personal environment system, or force amplifying gear to help you achieve borderline superhuman feats, we can make that happen too, and it only expands in its scope and application from there.

The money you donate will go towards purchasing the raw materials and acquiring professional support to achieve the bits I can't do myself, such as the engineering of the armor plates, the robotics programming for the movement systems, and the fabrication of various other unique or bespoke components. But the take away from this is not only will we build a Suit of MJOLNIR together, but a plethora of other gadgets will be made possible by its development which I will make sure you get an opportunity to get your hands on.

This is completely achievable and with your help, we can do something epic, something LEGENDARY!


Now the Long Version. 

About a year ago, I put a video out called Is MJOLNIR possible. In that video, I tried to find real world analogues of the technology used in the in universe MJOLNIR platform, and provided estimated costing for the raw materials in order to create as close of an approximation to a real world working MJOLNIR suit as possible. The ultimate conclusion was, yes, it is possible, and the materials would actually cost significantly less than you'd expect at a little less that £350,000. Well, as many of you are also aware, when it comes to the technology that goes into MJOLNIR, I know my stuff, my Most Detailed Series is a testament to that. What many of you will not be aware of is for the past 6 years, I have been quietly prototyping and developing some of the components which go into MJOLNIR.

I have designed passive force feedback systems, that actually provide an impressive amount of passive power assist to the user. This comes in the form of what I have thus far been calling the Achilles. Force amplifying knee and ankle braces that allow you to run faster, jump higher and fall further. I have developed that product through 6 generations and am currently looking into the 7th, refining the design every step of the way. This is passingly similar to the force amplifying circuits of MJOLNIR, and were designed with that in mind.

I have also been testing an integrated self contained environment system, which actively cools or warms the wearers body based on personal preference and environmental factors. The suit itself, while crude, warms the persons body and keeps them comfortable in arctic conditions, and cools them to a comfortable temperature in the height of summer. Utilising Carbon Fibre heating elements and liquid cooling systems, it is also completely waterproof, and could be adapted to be hermetically sealed with little effort, granting the wearer their own self contained personal environment. With a simple helmet and air filtration system, which I'm sure you'll agree, would be very similar to MJOLNIRs environment systems.

I have been working on refractive displays using laser based pico projectors to create the base technology behind MJOLNIRs HUD system, enabling information to be projected and displayed onto glass that you can see through, yet the information remains in focus no matter where you're focusing in your visual range.

I have also been working on basic robotics systems, using arduinos and muscle sensors, to pick up muscle impulses and transmit them to a robotics system that mimics the voluntary movement of the user, which again, are somewhat similar to MJOLNIRs movement systems.

If truth be told, my current stage of development is 15 years in the making. I started conceptualising this idea, and exploring whether it was even possible in 2006. I have spoken with experts in robotics, engineering, programming, cybernetics, anatomy, biology and systems development to seek their opinions and knowledge in these fields, and to seek guidance on where to start looking into these fields to gain a solid understanding of the basic principles, so I could make some informed decisions and educated guesses where information was less available. All the while I've been educating myself and discussing the idea with other inspired and intellectual individuals from my personal life as well as the community, that I have cultivated as a consequence of the Youtube channel, to refine the concept to a point that I have been able to build analogues of some of the component technologies of MJOLNIR and can say with near complete confidence that a real world MJOLNIR isn't just possible, its achievable!

I have spent 15 years thinking and researching and collating information in my spare time, to try to fathom whether this could be done, and the answer I have come to is Yes, it can. Time and time and time again, I have looked at it, looked at the inhibiting problems of building a real life working suit of MJOLNIR, adjusted the designs, compromised where necessary, found solutions where I could and have come to the conclusion not only can this be done, it can be done well, and the more time I have had to think about it, the more I am convinced that I can do it, or more accurately, we can do it.

As I have said, I have been personally developing synonymous technologies that could factor into MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, but I have been privately funding it all this time, and while admittedly in recent times I have been able to put more time into designing, developing, prototyping, and tinkering, I am realising that the only sure fire way to make the next big steps toward realising this 15 year journey, in its entirety, is to get this fully funded and kick things up a gear. Basically, I cant expect to make the next big steps, while maintaining a high enough quality, and short enough time span, completely on my own, while privately funding it. I need a better option. And with you guys, I might just have one.

Since my video last year, I have stepped things up a notch. I have acquired CAD Models of MJOLNIR Mark-4, and have begun adapting the models to get them to a point that they will combine with the other technologies I have been developing, as well as some others I have yet to get off of the ground. I have been designing Support Structures and Under Armor Designs to try to get a fully detailed all encompassing CAD model of the Project. I'm not a professional CAD modeller by any extent, but I'm quite pleased with the progress thus far. But alas, I am also going to need to open this project up and get other people on board to help share the load, and get this done.

So this is the plan. The gofundme campaign will help in the creation of a real life working suit of MJOLNIR. The target is £149,895

This amount is calculated on the following idea.

Once we have begun the Project properly, and have made sufficient headway, not only will we be on the way to getting an awesome real suit of MJOLNIR, but I will begin reverse engineering products from Project: MJOLNIR to be marketable products in their own right, that can be licensed and sold to generate more income to further fund the Project.

If you consider there are currently over 100,000 subscribers to this channel. If every single subscriber donated £1.50 or around $2 the project would be fully funded and some, and the addition funds would simply allow for things to happen even faster.

I have no intention of paying myself with any of the donated funds. 100% of the donated funds will go towards what ever is needed to make the Project a reality and with it, all of the reverse engineered products that can and will be born from it.

This community has already given me so much, and I am immensely grateful for your continued support of myself and the channel. It has literally changed my life, and I stand by this community as its one of the best groups of people I have ever had the privilege to meet. So with this in mind, I ask you to help if you can, and if you can't, just share this around, and continue to watch, subscribe, comment and like, as that has always, and will always, be enough for me. But I am willing to bet there's a ton of you who want to see this happen. So stick with me as we make the next big push in this greatest of journeys.

Much love to each and every one of you.

Take it easy everyone, and find Peace in the Domain.

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