Legal Contact Info

Contact information for law enforcement, legal counsel, compliance and regulatory bodies.

We take your legal questions and concerns very seriously at GoFundMe. For a directory of who to contact for your specific inquiry, please review the sections below.

If you have a problem concerning an account, how GoFundMe works or any other general questions, please visit our Help Centre.

If you are looking to get a campaign removed for fraudulent or untrustworthy behaviour, report the campaign here.

If you are law enforcement and have a court-ordered subpoena for GoFundMe for review, you must submit it via:

All civil subpoenas must be properly localised and served on GoFundMe’s registered agent.

GoFundMe does not accept service of civil subpoenas via email and will not respond to civil subpoenas delivered by email. Nor will GoFundMe consider subpoenas that are not properly served

If you have other law-related questions, please send an email to

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