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Why GoFundMe?

Free* fundraising

No set-up, subscription or platform fees.
*Standard processing fees apply to credit and debit card transactions.

Gift Aid

100% of Gift Aid goes to the benefiting charity with no hidden fees.

Team fundraising

Add other members of your organisation to your account so that they can help share and spread the word.

Automatic donation delivery

Whether a fundraiser is started by your organisation or one of your supporters, all donations received are delivered to the benefiting charity.

Fundraising in just three steps


Launch your fundraiser

Create your fundraiser in a matter of minutes using your own photos, videos and text to tell your charity’s story. You can even create a customised fundraiser link!


Enrol in PayPal Giving Fund

If you haven’t already so, enrol with PayPal Giving Fund to set up withdrawals, view donor information and download itemised reports.


Receive donations

Donations are made to PayPal Giving Fund, which will deliver all the funds it receives (including Gift Aid) to the benefiting charity via PayPal deposit or cheque, per its policies.

Small charity fundraising success stories

Tomorrow's Warriors

Tomorrow's Warriors Trust was facing closure after they were denied funding. They turned to GoFundMe to help fund their project that supports young musicians from all backgrounds.

Support kids with dwarfism

RGA works hard to provide fun activities, build friendships and support families in the dwarfism community. After cuts were made to their usual funding, they turned to GoFundMe to make up the difference.

Stand up for equal pay now!

BBC regional editor Carrie Gracie raised money for the Fawcett Society and YESS Law to launch an Equal Pay Advice Service to help women fight for equal pay, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Let's end rough sleeping in London

The London Homeless Charities Group unites 22 charities and the Mayor of London to help the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

Common questions about charity fundraising

  • Unlike other fundraising platforms, UK charities do not need to apply to join GoFundMe or pay any subscription or set-up fees. As long as your charity is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales or you’re enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, you can find your charity in GoFundMe's charity database and launch a fundraiser straight away.

  • You do not have to create a profile for your charity, but by creating a permanent fundraiser on GoFundMe, you can enable people to give quickly and easily support your mission. You can customise your fundraiser with your charity's logo or an image that represents your charity, your charity's story, mission statement and any other information that you feel is important to encourage people to support your cause.

    Find out how to add a Donate button to your website

  • Our list includes charities registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, which contains publicly-available data and those that have already registered with PayPal Giving Fund. To see if your charity is already listed in our database, search for your charity by name or Registered Charity Number (RCN).

    If your charity isn’t listed, your financial administrator can follow these three simple steps to get it added:

    1. Create a PayPal account or make sure that your existing PayPal account is upgraded to a business account
    2. Confirm your charity's status. After you've submitted your request, PayPal will review your documents and reply by email within seven working days. You can move on to Step 3 after you've received PayPal's confirmation email
    3. Enrol with PayPal Giving Fund using the link in your confirmation email or via their website

    Access the enrolment guide here

  • GoFundMe has joined up with PayPal Giving Fund to deliver donations for charity fundraisers.

    Donations are processed via PayPal and GoFundMe and then sent to PayPal Giving Fund, a registered UK charity (No. 1110538) which receives the donations and grants them to the recommended charities according to PayPal Giving Fund policies.

    PayPal Giving Fund files for Gift Aid with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after delivering the original donation to your charity. PayPal Giving Fund typically passes on Gift Aid the month after the original donation is granted. Gift Aid is passed on in full, without deductions.

    If your charity has not yet enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, you’ll be invited to enrol to receive the funds quickly and securely, and to review donor details (where these are shared). If a charity does not enrol and meets PayPal Giving Fund's Charity Certification Policy, a cheque will be sent within 90 days of the original donation date to the postal address on file in the Charity Commission's entry.

    Find out more about withdrawing funds as a charity

  • After you enrol with PayPal Giving Fund, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can view any donations being made in support of your charity through GoFundMe.

  • GoFundMe will be launching an embeddable donation widget in the coming months (check back soon!). In the meantime, there are simple ways to connect your donors directly to your fundraiser or enable your supporters to start their own.

    When you create your fundraiser, you’ll have the option to set a unique URL. To link directly to the donation experience, simply add “/donate” to the end of that URL.

    Here’s an example:

    You can also create a link that will enable your supporters to create a fundraiser of their own using your Registered Charity Number. Through the template below, you can direct them straight to the fundraiser creation process, with your charity information already populated:

    Here’s an example:

  • Once you’ve enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, you’ll be able to view the contact details of donors who have opted to share their information and see donation breakdowns and summaries in your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard:

    1. Log in to your PayPal Giving Fund account
    2. Click 'Activity' at the top of your screen
    3. Select and filter your activities. To see the donations made during a specific time period, set the date and time you need
    4. The information displayed can be downloaded in CSV format
  • Absolutely! By selecting the 'Team Fundraising' option when you sign up, you will be able to invite people from your organisation who will play a helpful role in managing and sharing your fundraiser.

    Learn more about fundraising as a team

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