Why GoFundMe

GoFundMe is the No.1 and most trusted fundraising platform. GoFundMe is the only major crowdfunding platform that does not charge a platform fee. GoFundMe puts our users’ success and security above all else, and we are proud to be the leader in trust, support and innovation.

Platform fee
Payment processor fees
Time to receive funds
Donor protection guarantee
24/7 support
Amount raised
+ £0.25 /donation
Set up withdrawals immediately, and payments arrive in 5 to 7 working days
50 million+
$5 billion+
1.25% to 1.45%
per donation
Wait 14 days to withdraw, and payments arrive in another 6 to 10 working days
Start a GoFundMe

0% platform fee

2.9% plus £0.25 payment processing fee for credit and debit card donations
Our platform is free. Standard payment processing fee allows for credit card processing and safe transfer of funds.
0% platform fee applies to personal campaigns started in US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds and some European countries. See pricing for other countries and currencies. Find out how GoFundMe compares to JustGiving.

GoFundMe: Powered by donors

Millions of people turn to GoFundMe in times of need to support themselves, friends and strangers. When donors choose to give GoFundMe a voluntary tip as they make a donation, they allow us to maintain and improve our free platform so that we can help even more people. We are incredibly grateful for the donors who help keep GoFundMe the safest, most trusted and most successful option for personal fundraising.