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Astrid kits for kids

Kits for kids!

Three years ago, when Astrid Aurell was nine, her parents told her that not all children are as lucky as she is. Determined to take action, she set up Kits for Kids, an annual project that raises money to buy Christmas presents for children living in temporary accommodation.

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Nathan's wheelchair

Nathan's New Chair

Nathan has quadriplegia and uses a custom wheelchair to move about comfortably. When his wheelchair was stolen from a Boise State football game, the community rallied around Nathan and his family and raised over £20k for his new chair.

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Rancho relaxo

Support Rancho Relaxo's Expansion

Caitlin Cimini is the founder of Rancho Relaxo, an animal rescue farm that has saved over 300 animals from abuse, neglect or slaughter. She started a campaign to expand Rancho Relaxo's rescue operation into a neighbouring property and was named a GoFundMe Hero.

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From compton to harvard

From Compton 2 Harvard

E-Jayy overcame life's obstacles and made it into Harvard. Donors from around the world supported his dreams and helped him with the many education-related expenses he could not otherwise afford.

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Collettey's Cookies

Collettey's Cookies

After having no luck finding a job, 26-year-old Collette started her own baking business and it's taking off faster than she ever imagined. She really “kneaded” some dough to keep up with all the orders, so she set up a GoFundMe to help!

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A Better Home for Danny

A Better Home for Danny

Jamie Jenkins is a foster mum for children with disabilities. To date, she has adopted four children and feels fortunate that she can provide them with everything they need. So when Jamie heard about another adoptive mother struggling to get by, she decided to pay it forward and started a GoFundMe.

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We rise by lifitng others

We rise by lifting others

When Yesenia's tax refund cheque got blown away in the wind, she gave up hope or ever retrieving it. But that evening, a man named Sergio showed up on her doorstep with her cheque in his hand. When Yesenia found out that Sergio was struggling financially, she started a GoFundMe to thank him for his kindness.

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Mila's cookies

Cookies 4 Mila

Two years ago, Dana met Mila in speech therapy. They became close friends and worked hard to beat their stutters. Dana's got better, but Mila's didn't. It got worse. Something was wrong. So Dana decided to take action and raised over £45k for her friend's treatment.

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Copeland family

Copeland Family Nice Tragedy Fund

The Copeland family lost a father and a son in the tragic attacks on Bastille Day in Nice, France. Thousands of donors gave to support the heartbroken family and over £90k has been raised in their time of need.

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